Scott returns to Council

Scott returns to Council
(Photo Submission) Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council Okfuskee Seat B Rep. Travis Scott returned to the Council after nearly an eight-year hiatus.

“Being in an elected position, I’m obligated to be here for meetings. That is my duty and that comes first.” – Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council Okfuskee Seat B Representative Travis Scott

Representative balances family, job, seat

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — After a nearly eight-year hiatus, Muscogee (Creek) National Council Okfuskee Seat B Rep. Travis Scott felt it was time to come back to help the Nation.

“I was blessed to be able to come back again,” he said.

He previously served two terms with the Council.

“When I got out eight years ago, I never thought I would ever come back,” Scott said.

He said he set back and watched some of the things that have transpired over the years. He said he had citizens and colleagues call him to see if he had any interest in running for a Council seat again.

“Having the confidence from those individuals and knowing that I can bring something to the National Council…was the main perspective for me,” Scott said.

Scott said things are different from the last time he was with Council. At that time, citizens could only vote for the representatives in their district.

“My previous two terms, we were not at-large and I believe we had 28 Council members or 26,” he said. “At that time we did have our own district.”

Now voters can vote for the representative they think is best for the Nation.

“Coming back and adjusting to that, we Council members do rely on each other,” Scott said. “Sometimes we can’t make each individual community meeting. We rely on each other to relay different issues to the communities.”

Scott feels at-large is a good thing. The Council representatives can go to meetings throughout the Nation to hear the different issues each district has.

“That allows us as Council members to relate to the citizens that are in different regions,” he said.

Scott said he understands the Council cannot make every citizen happy, but he knows they are doing everything they can to make the tribe better as a whole.

“The concerns that our citizens’ have, whether it is in Tulsa, Hanna or Eufaula is a concern for all of us in Council,” he said.

He said he wants to establish and keep relationships with representatives for the state as well as the U.S.

“Those relationships are very important for the tribe,” Scott said. “It is a good thing that our Tribe is able to go to our senators and state representatives and discuss issues that we have here at the Nation.”

Scott said there is not one issue that stands out for him, but feels all things need to be addressed.

“Progression is going to be the key,” he said. “Being at the different communities and seeing them trying to establish some economic development is something we all need to look at.”

Scott said he feels great to be able to work in an elected position and get to know a lot of people throughout the Nation.

“It is my job to be able to know our citizens and make sure they know me,” he said. “If I can help anybody in anyway, that is my goal.”

Scott lives in Okemah with his wife ShaRee and their three children. They run a business and he has also been a referee for numerous years.

He said being your own boss is not what some people thinks it to be, but being able to handle things is a blessing to him.

“I have an understanding and patient wife,” Scott said. “Having her by my side is something I been blessed with. Family is important.”

He said being a representative, he has to find people to cover for him at games because he feels it is imperative he be at the committee meetings and planning sessions.

“Being in an elected position, I’m obligated to be here for meetings,” Scott said. “That is my duty and that comes first.”

Scott thanked the citizens that elected him to this position and he said that if any citizen needs to get a hold of him, give him a call. He wants the Council to do everything possible to keep going in a good direction.

Contact information for Scott can be found at:

918.732.7703 |
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