• Forum held on controversial subject

    Forum held on controversial subject0

    “I think with every mascot name change from objectifying Natives or indigenous people is a win. We have made a dent but it is only that, a dent.” – Linda Sacks, vice president of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma

  • Emvponayv: One who tells the story

    Emvponayv: One who tells the story0

    Gary Fife/Radio Specialist Fallen warriors, MCN supports activists, White House official fistfight OKMULGEE, Okla. — Let’s begin with a couple of things that are kind of sad, but worth noting. First of all, Chief David Bald Eagle, who appeared in the Oscar-winning 1990 film ‘Dances With Wolves,’ has died at age 97. He was the

  • Emvpanyv: ‘One who tells a story’

    Emvpanyv: ‘One who tells a story’0

    Gary Fife/Radio Specialist Graduation attire, John Wayne reject, commodity cheese OKMULGEE, Okla. — It’s been the time for school graduations and it’s nice to see so many Mvskoke students receiving diplomas. What Indian students wear to those graduations has been raising some eyebrows around our state and even the East Coast. First of all, congratulations


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