• Native budz

    Native budz0

    Muscogee veteran opens dispensary By Kevin Barnett/Reporter OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Since the passing of State Question 788 in 2018, which legalized cannabis use for medical purposes, marijuana dispensaries have become commonplace throughout the state. With the proverbial field quickly filling with players, how does a shop stand out? Muscogee (Creek) citizen Bugsy Barnoski believes it

  • Boarding school bonds

    Boarding school bonds1

    Boarding school alumni stay connected By Kevin Barnett/Reporter OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — A historical marker located on the campus of Sapulpa Senior High School is all there is to tell passers-by that the campus was once the site of the Euchee Mission boarding school. The boarding school may be long gone, but the connections made among

  • Efficient construction repairs flooded bridge

    Efficient construction repairs flooded bridge0

    New Bridge building technology used by MCN tribal programs By Angel Ellis/Reporter TWIN HILLS, Oklahoma– During the excessive flooding, this season the road leading to the Concharty United Methodist Church became impassable for the second time in a year. But new solutions in bridge-building technology and a partnership between Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Construction and Federal

  • 29 tribal nations unite

    29 tribal nations unite0

    Tribal leaders present a united front on tribal gaming negotiations By Angel Ellis/Reporter Tribal leaders present a united front on tribal gaming negotiations OKLAHOMA CITY– Last month Governor J. Kevin Stitt’s call to the tribes to renegotiate Oklahoma’s Gaming compact sparked a unification of Native American Tribes across the state. On July 26, Oklahoma Indian Gaming

  • Eagle feathers, court date delayed, elections, poet

    Eagle feathers, court date delayed, elections, poet0

    Who gets eagle feathers, big day in top court delayed, election line-up, poet honored By Gary Fife/Reporter Okmulgee, Oklahoma —Should members of non-federally recognized tribes be allowed to obtain and possess Eagle feathers? Indianz.com reports that’s a divisive question being pursued at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A leader of the Lipan Apache Tribes,

  • Bacone takes new direction

    Bacone takes new direction0

    Future tribal college gets tribal support By Kevin Barnett/Reporter OKMULGEE, Oklahoma – The Osage Nation Congress unanimously passed ONC Resolution 19-14, which authorized a charter of Bacone College by the Nation on June 25, 2019. “We are proud to forge this partnership that will provide higher educational opportunities for our students,” said Osage Nation Principal


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