Teen brain-dead, undergoing organ donation after Nuyaka shooting

Teen brain-dead, undergoing organ donation after Nuyaka shooting
(Shutterstock) One teen is dead and another brain-dead following the alleged shooting of three teenagers by their mother Amy Hall Nov. 1. Hall gave statements about the incident in an arrest affidavit obtained by Mvskoke Media.

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Mvskoke Media obtains arrest affidavit with defendant statements

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma— One of the teens identified as a victim of the alleged shooting that took place in Nuyaka Nov. 1 has been declared as brain-dead and will become an organ donor according to an Okmulgee County Sheriff’s Office press release.

The teen, 16, was initially reported in critical condition after the shooting.

‘She will remain on life support until such time organ donation is able to occur,’ the release stated.

Investigator Duston Todd confirmed that her passing would occur immediately following organ donation.

‘At that time it can be expected that the complaint Amy Hall is being held on will be modified to include an additional charge of First-Degree Murder,’ the release stated.

In addition to the press release, Mvskoke Media obtained an arrest affidavit prepared by Investigator Smokey Patchin and filed Nov. 2.

According to the affidavit Hall, age 38, voluntarily spoke to law enforcement once in custody and agreed to provide a statement.

Hall is reported to have become visibly upset when asked who the victims were.

‘When asked for names, the defendant only replied that she didn’t wish to speak their names but advised the victims were “kids,” ages 16 and 18,” the affidavit stated.

Records reflect that Hall ultimately identified the victims by name.

‘She further stated that she shot Kayson Hall, (age 18), in the head while he was sleeping in his bed,’ the document stated.

The two girls ages 16, and 14 were both asleep in the same room according to the affidavit.

The records state Hall admitted to shooting the oldest girl while she slept and then fired at the younger one. At least one round was discharged into the wall in the attempt.

Hall told law enforcement that she used a pistol in the incident.

‘The defendant stated (the 14-year-old) ran into the bathroom, then came out and took the pistol from her (Hall) hand,’ the document stated.

Hall told authorities that she then left the home and was contacted by law enforcement units in Okmulgee.

Afterwards, she was taken into custody.

The report states there was one other occupant in the home besides the siblings at the time of the shooting.

‘Eddieson Baldridge, age 18, was asleep in the same room as Kayson at the time of the shooting,’ the affidavit stated.

Investigator Patchin reported that initially Hall could not explain her motive for the shooting. However, when asked if she intended to harm Baldridge, she claimed that she did not.

‘When asked if intended to kill the children and herself, she indicated that she did plan to do so and that (the youngest child) interrupted the plan, taking the pistol from her,’ the affidavit states.

When pressed for a motive, the report said she referred to malicious acts by her ex-husband towards the children.

‘…she indicated she believed her ex-husband had been engaged in a sexual relationship with all of the children and “some part of me thought I was saving them,” ‘the document stated.

Mvskoke Media will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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