Terry gives October health systems update

Terry gives October health systems update
(Shutterstock) Muscogee (Creek) Nation Secretary of Health Shawn Terry and Chief Operating Officer Rhonda Beaver updated the National Council Health, Education and Welfare Committee regarding the MCN Department of Health Oct. 8 at the Mound Building in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.

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Updates on opioid, IHS suits provided by Beaver

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — A health systems update was presented to the Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council Health, Education and Welfare committee by MCN Secretary of Health Shawn Terry and Chief Operating Officer Rhonda Beaver Oct. 8 at the Mound Building in Okmulgee.

Terry said flu vaccinations for employees began Sept. 21 and were made available to patients at MCN clinics and hospitals Sept. 24.

He said the public health nurses began their annual mobile flu clinics and the first sites on the schedule dispersed 234 vaccinations.

The Eufaula Indian Health Center hired Bret Hayes as the new health administrator.

Terry said an audit was completed for the Informed Consent in Ambulatory Clinics with findings on renewing general consent annually using only approved document in Policy Manager.

According to the American Medical Association, Informed Consent is the patients right to receive information and ask questions about recommended treatments so that they can make well-considered decisions about care. Successful communication in the patient-physician relationship fosters trust and supports shared decision-making.

He said employees have the ability to state where to find latest approved consent forms. He said corrective action plans are in process.

Terry said the MCN Medical Center is currently in the process of corrective action plans from the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments certification for MCNDH labs. MCNMC Lab Supervisor and Lab Medical Director have collaborated with Quality to revise necessary policies to address deficiencies.

According to the report provided to Mvskoke Media, the Inpatient Interdisciplinary Falls Prevention Committee meets monthly to continue efforts to raise awareness of the need to prevent falls that could result in injury.

The report stated Quality and Pharmacy are working to complete the Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation application to move forward with pharmacy accreditation.

A $5,420,821 total in collections occurred in September.

Beaver presented a legislative update to the committee.

Beaver said MCNDH filed a contract support claim against Indian Health Service. https://mvskokemedia.com/mcn-files-suit-against-ihs/

“What we asserted is that IHS did not fully fund our indirect and direct costs that were transferred from IHS and that caused us to have a shortfall,” she said.

Beaver said the amount they are asserting from IHS is $95 million plus interest and any costs that would support the Nation’s program.

“The government did file a motion to dismiss. They are now open to discussing a settlement amount,” she said.

Beaver said a videoconference would be held in relation to the settlement.

She said MCN asked the court to a motion to hold so that both parties may exchange documents in hopes of settling.

Beaver said in regards to the opioid lawsuit MCN filed, the pharmacies, manufacturers, distributors and retailers filed a motion to dismiss with MCN responding by filing an opposition.

She said they are waiting for a reply and expect it within the next few weeks.

“Hundreds of tribes have wrote letters in support of what we’re doing,” Beaver said.

She said MCN is still assessing the extent of the damages imposed on the Nation.

Beaver said settlement funds would be used to help develop a treatment center in Okmulgee.

She said a tribal sponsorship pilot program is being developed and expected to begin Nov. 1 to help selected Muscogee (Creek) patients obtain insurance.

“We have a set of guidelines and we’re going to use Creek dollars and we’re going to sponsor 15-30 Creek citizens,” Beaver said.

She said selected citizens would be referred to as ‘needy patients.’

Beaver said they have already identified the needy patients and are working out the logistics of personnel.

A recording of the report is available at: www.mcnnc.com.

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