‘This Land’ is our land

‘This Land’ is our land
(Crooked Media) This Land, a podcast focused on the Supreme Court case Carpenter v. Murphy premiered June 3 through the network Crooked Media.

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Podcast focuses on MCN jurisdictional Supreme Court case

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Crooked Media has brought podcast listeners shows like, ‘Pod Save America,’ ‘Pod Save the People’ and ‘With Friends Like These.’ Now the network is bringing the political voice of Indian Country with ‘This Land.’

‘This Land’ focuses on the Supreme Court case Carpenter v. Murphy, formally known as Royal v. Murphy which poses the question: Whether the 1866 territorial boundaries of the Creek Nation within the former Indian Territory of eastern Oklahoma constitute an “Indian reservation” today.

The podcast host Rebecca Nagle was approached by Crooked Media to create the series after her op-ed was published in The Washington Post.

“I was really excited by the idea of being able to bring issues of federal Indian law, tribal sovereignty and tribal land rights to that audience,” Nagle said. “I knew that they [listeners] would care about it and it’s probably something that they’re not aware of…”

“It helps us in Indian Country to have more eyes and ears on what’s happening to our rights whether it’s in Congress or the court system.”

For those unfamiliar with the Murphy case, the podcast breaks down the history and importance of the case for those living in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation jurisdiction as well as the other tribes referred to as the Five Civilized Tribes in its 8-episode series.

Nagle said federal Indian law is extremely complex, at times she feels as though it is purposely complex.

“One of the things I feel passionate about personally as a journalist is making the system of laws that define our rights as tribes and tribal citizens acceptable to ‘regular people,’” she said.

Nagle uses the narrative of her subjects to tell the complicated history of tribal land rights and Oklahoma’s as well as the United States government’s history and relationship with tribal nations.

“We’re using people’s personal stories to do it, so people can connect…” Nagle said.

As of June 17, the Supreme Court’s decision is still hanging in suspension. Whether this will affect the land of what is known as the Five Civilized Tribes or only MCN reservation is yet to be determined.

As a Cherokee citizen, Nagle said she believes all FCT citizens should be invested in the outcome regardless of the span of those immediately affected.

“The main thing is we won’t know until we read the decision,” she said.

This Land releases a new episode every Monday and can be accessed through any podcast app or online at: crooked.com/podcast-series/this-land/.

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