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Tiger’s sofke takes first place

Tiger’s sofke takes first place
(Honey Caranzo/Reporter) Don Tiger plays in the jacks competition during the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival’s senior activities.

“And besides being competitive and enjoying food, it’s the people who I come to see.” — Don Tiger

Honey Caranzo/Reporter

Citizen shares his love for Mvskoke dish

OKMULGEE, Okla. — Don Tiger has attended the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival since he was 12 years old.

When he was younger he played in the men’s basketball and softball.

“Of course we used to have it in Henryetta and different places back then, but now it’s just here in Okmulgee,” Tiger said.

He said he enjoys playing a variety of games.

“The senior Olympics is a good deal to meet everybody that you already know from different communities, and relatives, and churches and stompdances. It’s a good reunion,” Tiger said.

Tiger has participated in the senior activities for seven years.

His favorite part is being able to mingle with everybody.

“And besides being competitive and enjoying food, it’s the people who I come to see,” Tiger said.

Tiger entered in the sofke competition and took first place.

“That always helps me to know everybody because everybody loves sofke,” he said.

Tiger said his mom taught him how to make sofke.

“My sofke is what I’m really proud of,” he said.

Tiger said he uses pecan lye.

“It’s different, but it makes it look darker, but it tastes different,” he said.

Tiger hopes that the senior activities can be a time for sharing things with one another.

“Whether it’s the Lord or love or whatever they treasure,” he said.

Tiger also participated in the jacks competition.

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