Unsung Alibi releases latest studio offering, ‘Bandito.’

Unsung Alibi releases latest studio offering, ‘Bandito.’
(Submission) Unsung Alibi has released their third studio recording, four-track EP ‘Bandito’

Jason Salsman/Multimedia Producer

Two Muscogee (Creek) citizens help assemble the three-piece band.

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Formed in 2013 in a Schulter garage full of high school teenage angst, alt-rock band Unsung Alibi is ready to unveil what Muscogee (Creek) citizen and producer/drummer Skyler Drinnon calls his most polished sound, in the form of new EP ‘Bandito.’

“The last album I really wasn’t where I needed to be production-wise,” Drinnon said. “This one I really went in and spent the time making sure everything was right and that everything was how we wanted it to sound.”

Joined with front man Atticus Dellinger, a Muscogee Creek citizen whose father Kevin is the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Attorney General, and bassist Nick Graham, Drinnon describes each of their styles and musical influences as uniquely different.

Drinnon’s job as a producer is to make sure the band’s product is a nice blend of each and he feels confident that the four-track EP includes elements from each member’s taste.

“Atticus brings this grunge style and he likes indie rock, Nick likes old-school hip-hop and more of an underground sound, and me I’m a metal head,” Drinnon said. “We tackled everybody’s sound that they wanted, made sure everybody’s satisfied.”

The band has spent the last five years together with the current lineup. They’ve stayed busy booking live shows in between recording sessions, and produced two previous albums, ‘Unsung Alibi’ and ‘Street Legal Kenevil.’

Drinnon’s production prowess has grown along with the band’s music. He records and produces out of his home studio, Opossum Jr. Studio.

This year, he was nominated for two Tulsa Music Awards in the categories of “Producer of the Year” and “Studio of the Year.”

But the latest work and the recognition it has gotten may not have even been possible just a few months ago.

Depending on whom you ask, Drinnon may have quit the band, he may not have.

“The whole quitting thing, that’s kind of a weird subject with everybody right now,” Drinnon said. “Did I quit? Did I not quit? It’s more that I just needed a break.”

Burnout is expected with any musician, especially with the three members of the band holding down full-time jobs in addition to their passion for music.

Drinnon works at the MCN Higher Education Department, Dellinger is a teacher at Sand Springs Public Schools and Graham works at a local bank.

But Drinnon sees a future for the group, with a renewed sense of energy.

“We have some more stuff in the works coming up and some new project ideas for next year,” Drinnon said.

‘Bandito’ is free and available now on streaming sites online such as iTunes and Spotify.


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